Chameleon for Digital Signage

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  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Android based
  • Media player and CMS
  • Cloud based
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Chameleon is a simple and reliable digital signage platform designed for ease of use and cost effective operation. Chameleon transforms mass-produced tablets and Smart TV set top boxes into dedicated digital signage systems, delivering unsurpassed reliability and quality at a fraction of the price of custom hardware. Display content is managed through a cloud-based server that you can access from any Internet browser, so you do not need to maintain expensive servers or worry about software backups after your display content has been uploaded to the cloud.

The Chameleon dashboard provides intuitive menus for device organisation and deployment, status monitoring, and display content management. This simple interface enables anyone to administer and operate signage networks ranging from just a few local displays to a global deployment of thousands of displays. Static graphics or video display content can be quickly organized into campaigns that can be scheduled by time and date for immediate or future playback, providing all the key functionality you need for an intelligent and effective digital signage network.

Chameleon allows you to choose between a variety of Android based devices for use as the display hardware, providing you with incredible flexibility for the type of display you use at each location. Chameleon takes complete control of the device so only the digital signage application can operate, blocking all the original functions of the device in order to simplify operation and deter theft. Included Geo-fencing capabilities provide additional theft protection for public installations. Whether your site requires a small tablet display or a large 4K panel, Chameleon delivers your content simply and efficiently.

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